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Analogue Force Gauges

Inscale Analogue Force Gauges are designed to be used by hand or mounted on test stands to measure the force required to push or pull an object or component, there are many different types of applications for these devices and used in conjunction with the accessories accurate mechanical force measurement can be obtained providing information relivant in today’s demanding world.
FA Analogue Force Gauges
FA Analogue Force Gauges

Capacity Range: 0 - 500N

Sauter FA Mechanical Force Gauge
Mechanical force gauge for measuring push and pull forces with peak hold function

Low Capacity Mechanical Force Gauge constructed in a heavy duty plastic case with Peak hold facility.

Gauge has Tare ring for easy use and push button zero, dial displays loads in both Newtons and kg. Unit is supplied with a swivel hook and other attachments in a carry case.

Can be used on our range of test stands.


FA 3030N0.2N£160.00View
FA 2020N0.1N£160.00View
FA 1010N0.05N£160.00View
FA 5050N0.25N£160.00View
FA 100100N0.5N£160.00View
FA 200200N1N£160.00View
FA 300300N2N£160.00View
FA 500500N2.5N£160.00View

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